His makeup techniques are advanced, striking and unique, but what surprises is his elegant and yet simple way of teaching.

Since 2010 working with education in beauty now is the time to establish RAPHAEL OLIVER ACADEMY, a space created to provide educational experiences transforming bold artists who seek to impact the world with their art.

With courses for beginners and already working professionals, the objective of the academy is to be a preparation point for those who seek to accelerate their evolution process.

Our methodology aims to share an efficient and lean but sophisticated method to facilitate the assimilation and punctually impact the difficulties that most professionals face and thus prepare them systematically to raise their flights towards professional, personal and financial success.


Allied to the wishes of our students, we have created the PREMIUM CLASS, a small group of only 04 people who can experience an intimate and transforming experience alongside RAPHAEL OLIVER, are 02 intense days in a deep immersion in search of the highest knowledge in professional makeup contemporary art. With practice in models, questions and answers, Photography & Marketing module among other essential concepts for the professional who wishes to perform successfully in the beauty market today.

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The purpose of this course is to upgrade your social makeup, preparing you to dare more in your art. New dimensions, perspectives, colors and textures. Get ready for the next level of art.


The beauty of the brides and all the magic of the moment requires impeccable, timeless and unforgettable makeup. Learn the greatest secrets, techniques and concepts of Beauty Artist Raphael Oliver who is authority on brides. Water-resistant makeup, glamorous smudges and flawless skin are some of the things you will learn.


If you are a perfectionist type you are always looking for something to improve on your work and never tire of evolving this course is right for you. You will enter a 2-day experience alone with Beauty Artist Raphael Oliver and you will be able to confess all your difficulties. You'll learn the best techniques from Raphael Oliver as well as his products, favorite brushes, finishing secrets and many other techniques that will surely be a watershed in your career.




What are the days of individual courses?

The courses are marked according to schedule. The dates available are chosen by the student and the course is then scheduled.


How many hours of course?

Only 9 hours of course for one day and 18 for 02 days.


Where do VIP courses take place?

The courses take place at the Raphael Oliver Academy:
Q. 103 Sul Rua SO 4, 22 - Arso - Plano Director South, Palmas - TO, 77015-024


What is the price of the VIP course?

For information on prices of each course and schedule availability click HERE.


What forms of payment are available?

Payments in cash, transfer and credit card are accepted.


What is the return policy?

In case of cancellation by the student the amount paid will be refunded with a retention of 40%.


Do I need a model?

No. We provide a model for the practice of activities.


Is the course certified?

Yes, the course is certified and it is delivered at the end.


Is it allowed to film or photograph during class?

No. It is only allowed to film or photograph before or after the makeup demonstration is complete.


Is it necessary to have taken some previous course to participate in the VIPS courses with Raphael Oliver?

No. Everyone is welcome to attend the courses.


What do I need to reserve my place?

You should contact the Raphael Oliver Advisory, check the schedule, choose the date you want to take your course. After this a contract is signed and you pay a 30% percentage to reserve the date.


How can I contact Raphael Oliver Consulting for more information?

Send a message on Whats to 5563 99226-7491.

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