RAPHAEL OLIVER started his career as a makeup artist in 2010 after moving from the small town of only 3,000 inhabitants (Chapada da Natividade) where he was raised in the state of Tocantins, where he attended all of his high school. She took her first professional makeup course at the Catharine Hill Academy, where she started her first steps in her career as a makeup artist. Over the years, through his research, he began to build his own techniques, mixing what he had learned, with his perceptions and day-to-day learning in serving his clients.

His success broke barriers and 3 years later he gave his first course outside his State of residence (Belo Horizonte-MG). It was the first step in his career as an educator.

From 2013 to 2019 he worked at RAPHAEL OLIVER SALON, specialized in productions for brides and parties, where he achieved great success and space in the Tocantins market. After completely migrating to professional education, he decided to discontinue activities and move to São Paulo-SP.

His sensitivity to the individuality of each person who passes through his hands has always been his hallmark and differential.

Graduated in Marketing, and with professional experience in Advertising and Photography, he was enchanted with the vast world of makeup and was able to master all his experience and knowledge creating business with love and purpose.

In 2017 he created MASTER CLASS RO, his advanced professional makeup course that travels to the main capitals of Brazil and the world, giving his followers and artists who admire him the opportunity to specialize and evolve his works and professional careers through his innovative techniques.



RAPHAEL OLIVER is passionate about art, makeup and self-esteem. Her specialty is makeup that values ​​the face and extracts the maximum beauty potential from its customers and models, as it believes in makeup as a non-verbal communication tool and a tool for valuing, discovering and establishing the brand and personal identity of each person.


RAPHAEL OLIVER's history with makeup started when he was still a child, from his interest in art, colors, shapes and nuances. His interest increased around 13 to 15 years old when he suffered a skin problem and needed to wear makeup to feel better, at that moment he realized the power of makeup to bring self-esteem, comfort and security. Motivated by this feeling, he plunged deeper and deeper into the universe of makeup, a few years later transforming it into his profession.

When serving his customers, he sought to connect in a deep and individual way with each one, allowing him to create a makeup that expressed as much as possible of the identity and personality of the person he was serving.

RAPHAEL OLIVER worked for 8 years with assistance, until he was asked to teach courses, which became his greatest passion, because just as makeup had changed his life, he wanted to be able to share such valuable information with other people who also wanted to undertake and obtain success and achievement.

His concern with the importance of personal image in the modern world intensified by his knowledge in marketing motivated the artist to study intensively for years and create his own working method that provides personal satisfaction and self-esteem to clients and professional success and extraordinary financial income for the professional that applies it.

RAPHAEL OLIVER believes that beauty matters and that it is an intrinsic need of the human being, so it must be valued, respected and used with knowledge to bring healthy and important results to people's social and emotional life.



RAPHAEL OLIVER believes in a different way of building beauty. Starting with the understanding of the importance of beauty, awareness of beauty and individual physical and behavioral characteristics of the individual and finally with makeup as a tool of communication and eloquence of all this to the world.

With this in mind, it trains artistically independent professionals, who have the ability to create their own works from the personal support of their clients, combined with advanced techniques for building the perceived interpersonal image.

In its courses, it covers techniques ranging from the identification of the type of skin to complex smokings and perfect finishes, in addition to valuable information on marketing, career and entrepreneurship. Techniques that made him known and recognized worldwide in his area of ​​expertise.

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